Fan Guo

Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab

Fan Guo is a staff scientist in T-2. He received his PhD in the University of Arizona in 2012. He then became a postdoc in Los Alamos National Laboratory before converted to a staff position in 2016.

Fan Guo’s research focuses on theoretical understanding and computer modeling of fundamental processes relevant to astrophysical, space and laboratory plasmas including particle acceleration and plasma energization, magnetic reconnection, shocks, and turbulence. He has used fully kinetic, hybrid (kinetic ions, fluid electrons), particle transport and MHD simulations to model those processes and built analytical theories. He has published more than 100 papers as the first author or a contributed author with more than 3000 citations and H index 32. He has given more than 60 invited presentations, seminars, and colloquia in various conferences, universities and institutes. In addition, he has experience mentoring numerous postdocs and students.

Science Areas


Xiaohang Chen's paper on solar energetic particle acceleration at a spherical Shock with changing shock normal angle has been accepted by ApJ. link

10/30-11/4/2022 Several of us participated the 20th AIAC meeting in Santa Fe, organized by Prof. Gary Zank. Yifan presented his ribbon model work. Fan Guo presented 3D reconnection and particle acceleration.

10/17-21/2022 Group members participate the 2022 APS-DPP meeting. We organized a mini-conference on heating and nonthermal acceleration in magnetic reconnection. Omar French and Qile Zhang presented in the mini-conference. Qile Zhang presented a prestigious DPP invited talk.

10/15/22 Omar French submitted a new study on particle injection in relativistic magnetic reconnection!