Alice K. Harding

ahardingx [at]

Visiting Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, since 2020

Previously an Astrophysicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Research interests:

Relativistic plasma astrophysics, strong magnetic field physics, high-energy radiation physics, as applied to pulsars and magnetars

Recent invited conference talks and Colloquia:

Very-High-Energy Emission from the Vela Pulsars”, A. K. Harding, C. Venter, C. Kalapotharakos

High Energy Astrophysics in South Africa, September 2022 (Virtual)

The Separatrix/Current Sheet Model for Pulsar VHE Emission”, A. K. Harding, C. Venter, C. Kalapotharakos, International Space Science Institute, Bern, Switzerland, September 2022 (virtual)

Plasma Physics of Pulsar Magnetospheres”, A. K. Harding, JPP Frontiers Colloquium Series, July 2022.

Very-High-Energy Emission from the Crab Pulsar”, A. K. Harding, 19th High Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting, Pittsburg, PA, March 2022 (Virtual)

Physics in Ultra-Strong Magnetic Fields”, A. K. Harding, IAU Symposium 363 “Neutron Stars the Crossroads” (Virtual), December 2021.

Multipolar Magnetic Fields in Millisecond Pulsars: NICER Results on PSR J0030+0451”, A. K. Harding, Oxford University Colloquium, February 2021 (Virtual).